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Our Story

Lorenzo's Place, a new and exciting restaurant complete with function rooms, a place where you can celebrate life with us, with fresh new menu, exciting lights and sounds equipment, reservation space for parties of 280 persons, exclusive meeting rooms, separated smoking area and brand new all hardwood dance floor.

We are also the first in CALABARZON area to have a life size LED display. Our products include a variety of native Filipino dishes, Chinese Cuisine/Asian Fusion and an array of international menus which suits your palate.

Lorenzo’s Place is a brainchild of the owner Ms Gwendolyn Ku Wong, named after her father Dr. Lorenzo Ku Sr. who is the Chairman of the company that owns Fiesta Mall. Dr. Ku has lived a life of giving back to the community, and has initiated projects that “build bridges” between Lipa (the Philippines) and China.

Gwendolyn K. Wong

A successful entrepreneur, a leader, an innovator and the only daughter of the 4 children of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo C. Ku: Gwendolyn Ku. She was a dean’s lister and graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Legal Management at the Ateneo de Manila University. She also graduated from the Regis Program of Ateneo Graduate School of Business. At a young age, she has held top positions in different corporations. She became the Lipa City Queen of Charity from 2015-2018. She was elected as City Councilor of Lipa City from 2016- 2019.

She established, organized and is currently operating the Royal British College Inc. and the President of Lorenzo’s Place Bar and Restaurant. Ms. Gwen Ku Love her parents so much, she’s the Eldest and the only daughter who followed the footsteps of her Father. With so much love to her parents, she thought of renaming their restaurant after her father’s name, Dr. Lorenzo Ku Sr.

Madam Anita K. Ku

A successful entrepreneur, a financier and the wife of Dr. Lorenzo C. Ku. Anita K. Ku was born on September 17, 1941 in Lipa City, Batangas. She became an Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary and VP for Marketing Sales of one of the top 1000 corporations in the 1990’s. Her duty was global marketing of ladies and men’s garments to USA, Australia, Asia and Europe. Currently, Madam Anita K. Ku is a Corporate Secretary of a well- established construction corporation and the President of Fiesta World Mall Corporation, Royal British College Inc. and the Vice Chairman of Lorenzo’s Place Bar and Restaurant.

Dr. Lorenzo C. Ku

A successful entrepreneur, a diplomat and a patriot: Dr. Lorenzo C. Ku was born on June 29, 1936 to Chinese- Filipino parents in Manila. His entrepreneurial career started with garments, textiles and spinning then later expanded to construction, real estate development, retail business operations and import-export. Dr. Lorenzo C. Ku is one of the most influential persons in the Philippines- China relations. He spearheaded organizations and countless activities that promoted economic, social, cultural, and inter-government understanding and exchanges between the two countries And He is the Chairman of Lorenzo’s Place Bar and Restaurant.

Dr. Lorenzo Ku and his wife, Madam Anita Ku Loves eating, their passion for Food is always in high level and in going to different countries, they usually tried so many food menus. From there, the family thought of putting up their own restaurant not only to gain profit but to extend help to Lipeños to have a job. It started with a small restaurant named Hangchow Garden Restaurant in 2004 with 80 to 100 seating Capacity. As time goes by, the restaurant became popular because of the Asian Fusion menus being served. There began reservations of 50 persons that gone up to 80 up to 100 persons and more. But the restaurant can no longer accommodate more than a 100 person, that’s the time the family decided to expand and upgrade everything into a bigger place, the LORENZO’S PLACE BAR and RESTAURANT!

Lorenzo’s Place Bar and Restaurant started its operations December 15, 2015 with old and fresh new menu, exciting Lights and sound system equipment, reservation space for parties of 300 persons, exclusive meeting rooms, separated smoking area and all Hardwood dance floor. It is the First restaurant in Calabarzon area to have a Life Size LED Display. The Restaurant accepts all kinds of reservations such as Wedding, Baptismal, Debut, ballroom party, Birthdays, Anniversary, Seminar, Corporate meeting and the Like.


To serve happiness to our customers in providing GOOD Quality Delectable yet Affordable meals with Superb/excellent restaurant experience that would satisfy our customers while working toward the greater good for our employees, community and environment.


To be one of the TOP Asian Fusion Restaurant and Events Place in Lipa City with excellent service and Palatable, Healthy, Nutritious yet reasonable priced food for our Customers.

Where we Started

Last December 14, fresh off our adventure at Sto. Tomas, Batangas for the Ala Eh! Festival 2015, we were invited to to attend the Opening of Lorenzo’s Place inside the compound of Fiesta Mall, Lipa City. We were told that the old Hang Chow restaurant was upgraded to this new one, on a new and bigger location.

From the outside, the restaurant looks part of a big warehouse to the right of the main mall (which it is) and although this is the grand opening, improvements are still ongoing. However, come inside and you’ll be transported to a great restaurant with a cool and modern ambiance. It’s a pretty big restaurant with segregated meeting rooms, a brand new dance floor, and a stage with a huge LED Screen! The first and lasting impression that we got was that it was spacious and elegant, perfect for parties and life events with a guest count of 300 pax.

Just an events

Epson Lima Technology

Farewell party of Epson Lima Technology Lipa to Japanese Manager Hiroshi Koiwai at Lorenzo’s Place! Thank you Mr. Paul Paras and Ms. Christine Lingco for the TRUST! Thank you Epson Family for Celebrating Life with Us!